...Sure! BUT first lets talk about the treatment. What to expect, who is an ideal candidate, the procedure, the pre and post care. For most people, this is the way to achieve perfect and natural brows. I can't speak for other companies, but please read on if you are interested in booking in with me :) Remember everybody's brows are different shapes and sizes, the brow shape will be determined by your face shape and the style you would like.

Can I have my brows done:

First things first, you will be patch tested to ensure your have no reaction to the numbing cream/pigment. Brows (if required) will be shaped the day of treatment. Brow mapping is done to demonstrate where your hair strokes will be. I will try to manage realistic expectations i.e. if you have white blonde hairs and simply want darker brows I would recommend just a tint. When you have microblading you will still need to tint and possibly wax your brows! They must still be maintained in order to look their best so please consider that.

Who is an ideal candidate for Microblading:

Anyone wanting to add definition, density and create a natural shape. Brows will still need to be maintained after the treatment. As above, if you have blonde hair and just want darker no maintenance brows then may I suggest HD Brows instead - this will tint and shape and priced at £25.

The Procedure:

Treatment time is 1hr30. This includes 30 - 40 mins numbing time. Quick brow shape. Brow mapping to demonstrate the shape and add symmetry so I know the area I am working on. Pigment is matched to skin tone and hair colour. The actual hair strokes take 20-30 minutes. Painful - not on the first set of hair stokes. After that, it's a little scratchy BUT bearable. I wouldn't recommend booking in when you are on your time of the month or due on, for some lovely reason our bodies can't tolerate pain as much. Aftercare is discussed and post treatment balm is provided with instructions. You will then return 6 weeks later to complete the treatment.

Pre and Post Care:

Aftercare is given and as long as the patch test is ok and there is nothing on the consultation from that indicates it's not suitable for the treatment to be done, we are good to go! Excessive drinking the day before the treatment is strongly advised against - the skin will bleed more and struggle to maintain pigment. After the treatment, aftercare is given with a balm to use and instructions on how and when to use it. The main thing is - DO NOT wet brows for 5 days, avoid sun/sunbed so this treatment is best to have a few weeks before or after a holiday in the sun.

Any more queries? Please give me a shout!

Victoria x

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