Lip SPMU enhances the natural lip colour and reshape if required. Doing this adds symmetry and complements your facial structure. This treatment will benefit women who want the effect of lipstick without the hassle of reapplying it, smudging it and reapplying daily.


As we age, we can lose pigment in the lips, especially on the border. Semi Permanent Makeup is a solution to this. The types of LIP SPMU are:

- Lip Liner (we focus on creating border symmetry and correct any imbalances whilst adding a colour.)

- Lip Blush (with the pigment colour of your choice the ink is deposited into the lips to enhance the overall colour.)

- Ombre Lip - (several shades are blended and tattooed into the lip. It gives a fuller lip in a natural way)

Consultation and patch test are required. 

Permanent Makeup For Eyebrows. Microblad